Vice + Lenovo : Creating New Realities

Branded Content

Creating New Realities is a BTS series exploring Lenovo's VR films. The  video follows Kemi Dauda as she brings educational tools and mentoring to young people through technology. Vice captured a Lenovo 360 documentary film in the making, showcasing the daily lives of young female technology advocates from around the world. As a storytelling partner, VICE documented, unpacked, and distributed the creative and production process of each NEW REALITIES VR film during unprecedented circumstances. 

Due to the atypical nature of capturing a profile and a BTS piece in one, all wrapped up with the limitations of shooting on a VR set, Vice's BTS crew had to be extremely mobile, flexible and opportunistic. Based on the flow of the day, the crew was either running ahead or following behind the VR film crew in order to capture B Roll of important environments while locations are not closed due to VR capturing. Times of overlap with the VR film crew at each location allowed for verite and on the fly interview moments with secondary characters. Vice's BTS crew had to remain cognizant of the VR film and production. Each piece created was both stand alone as a portrait of a person and place, as well as a time capsule of a monumental production at an unprecedented time.


Sound Solutions

  • location mixing for crew & talent BTS
  • 7 Locations INT & EXT
  • Talent interviews conducted in a quiet and controlled environment, off set   
  • Secondary character interviews: placed in either setting, at the discretion of the crew   
  • All interviews shot with subject looking off camera 
  • Concealed lavalier microphones