If we can show our community has a strong identity, that's going to give us the chance to preserve it.” - Elton Monroy Durán

Metro Murals : Rule Your Day with Elton Monroy Durán

Artist, Elton Monroy Durán gives us exclusive access to his process of completing a mural. Since his arrival, he has intentionally captured the essence of Southwest Detroit. This mural is inspired by immigrants’ rich self-empowerment that drives the local economy. Along the way, Durán introduces us to some of his friends - fellow artists - who are contributing to the cultural vibrancy of Southwest Detroit.

#MetroByTmobile reveal of  store mural by #EltonMonroyDuran #RuleYourDay


 Sound Solutions:

  • Sound Design location capture
  • Concealed lavalier microphones
  • Realtime LIVE STREAM to remote director
  • Interviews in high traffic locations
  • Aggressive daily location schedule
  • Precise Timecode metadata
  • Strict COVID compliance on set